I am officially tapping out on RTTS in the 21 version of the game. I will go back to playing the 20 version and hope and pray that SDS does a serious rethink on the gutted mode that was presented to us this year. SDS mods that claim they pay attention to the RTTS board can consider this an open letter on the failings of this year's RTTS experience.

There are a number of things that contribute to this year being by far the worst RTTS experience but it can all be boiled down to the fact that this is no longer a mode that is a 'player career mode' this is a mode that is a feeder for DD.

I, along with many dedicated RTTS players, loved to create multiple players and have multiple different careers that ranged from Stud Ace to grinder 2B. Now I basically can create one player that is awesome and if I want to restart my career I start it with an incredible player even if my load outs are base bronze.

The realism factor is absolute [censored]. I have yet to have a RTTS experience where I wasn't called up to AAA after the AA all star game and then called up to the majors about a month later. I started one last night, simmed my whole AA and AAA experience and was in the majors at the same exact time. The only reason to play this year's version is for the new rosters which don't really matter because RTTS team trade logic has always been trash so I just end up with Austin Meadows on my team no matter what anyways.

See you all next year, maybe. I will not be purchasing this game at pre-order and will hope that the reviews after a month of people playing make it clear that RTTS 'reverted' back to what it should be; however, given the DD money train I am skeptical that this will be the case.