Online Lag


Made a post last night SDS quickly locked 🔒 asking about online lag.

First year x box player asking if the servers and online play is always this laggy and choppy?

I’ve played many games for years online and have had minimal to no issues with online play.

This game is extremely choppy online. I’m not sure how one is supposed to hit Aroldis Chapman 102 mph as the ball glitches on the screen to the plate.

I’ve played probably 12 online games now. Some better then others. But i wouldn’t say any have had a clear connection, not even close.

Is this the norm? The point is to be able to take your DD team online. Doesn’t seem possible on this game.


You made two almost identical posts about 9 hours ago. The first is still open and the second is locked. That is the reason why it was locked. It had nothing to do with the topic.

Are you playing on Wi-Fi or are you hard wired? What speed internet do you have? Which Xbox console do you have? All of those could be a factor in your lag / choppiness issues. I've been playing hardwired on a PS5 with Fios Gigabit connection since launch and have played hundreds of online games between ranked, events, and BR. It's never been choppy, and the lag is rarely noticeable. I do also have a Series S and the 2-3 times I tried to play on that, it was still playable but wasn't quite as smooth.


I just have an x box one which could be part of the issue. I am wired. I’m not exactly sure what my speed currently is with Comcast. I just know I can play all other online games with no lag so.