What they should have done with hitting...


Shrinking the PCI is completely fine. Adjusting pitch speeds and making the fastball/off-speed ratio bigger is good too. But they should not have adjusted the feedback/difficulty.

It was a homer fest but I thought early on the feedback was right on. I still think it is not bad, I think a lot of people see good timing and think they should be properly rewarded, when sometimes good timing is really just late or just early, but their timing system isn't precise enough.

I do think pitching accuracy could've been increased instead of making hitting worse. That would have been one way to make it not a slugfest, without screwing with hitting more than just shrinking the PCI.


I've said this before on the forums, but I'd really like to see them revert the patch to how hitting was upon release, and instead nerf hitting indirectly. What I mean is that they should leave feedback alone and simply make it harder to get good feedback.
Three ways to do this that I can think of are to:

  1. Increase pitch speeds to how the were in 19 or maybe a little faster in order to compensate for good hitting results.
  2. Increase the size of the strike zone. In the game pitches that clip the corner are balls, these pitches should be strikes like irl.
  3. Buff control for pitchers. If you get perfect feedback on whatever pitching interface you use, the ball should go where you put it regardless of what pitcher you are using. Proper pitch location would make hitting way more difficult.