Hey y’all!

I want to preface this by saying that by no means are these tips 100% for everybody but they’ve worked for me and I’ve had a lot of success in events in the past. I’ve been playing this game for years and logged many hours (which is ultimately the best way to improve) but here are some things I’ve picked up that might be able to help some people who struggle in events, especially on higher difficulties.

  1. People are impatient!
    -Players aren’t hopping onto event games for a 45 min grind like RS. It’s a 3 inning game, they want to swing! Don’t be afraid to throw the ball out of the zone or even walk people, they will swing!

  2. Pitching
    I’m not gonna go into pitching for same handedness matchups, this applies more to the current event of Left on right or vice versa. Players are used to slamming their PCIs inside for the fast stuff. Work them away! It’s a lot harder to slam the PCI away on fastballs/sinkers. If you throw them inside the chance of giving up a bomb or hard hit ball increases tremendously. If you notice they are struggling against a certain pitch, don’t be afraid to throw it the entire at bat (I know some people don’t think it’s “real baseball” but who the hell cares)

  3. Hitting
    Be Patient! These are 3 inning games, pitchers lose stamina much faster and that’s when you do the most damage. Don’t be afraid to get to two strikes, and going back to number one, a lot of people will try to get you to chase. Especially with runners on/ in scoring position people are trying to get popups or double plays and pitch accordingly. The more pitches you see the more chances you have for them to throw a mistake pitch. I don’t have any evidence to back this up but I think the game punishes you for swinging at the first pitch too much as well.

  4. Approach
    This one is something that has helped me out the most. It may sound weird but in my head before every pitch I think “They aren’t throwing a strike here” and it helps me shrink my strike zone a ton. It helps me lay off everything out of the zone and the dots, but when I see it over the middle I let it eat and hit some bombs!

I hope this can help at least one person on here, and if anyone else has other suggestions, let’s hear them!