Games I’ve ever played just literally now.

I know many of you won’t care but I’ve got to share it with someone my wife don’t care 😂

First game faced Cabrera. Urgh. Was 1-2 down bottom of the 9th, two outs. CAP up. The ball was slammed back and hit the pitcher in the back and I run through for a cheeky single. Ortiz up. 2 strikes. I think the ball is going out. Miles. But it’s a ground rule double. I now have men at 2nd and 3rd. Chipper comes up with the clutch single. I sent Ortiz who is thrown out at home. I win in extras in the 10th.

That wasn’t even the good game!

It’s 4pm. Father’s Day dinner at 5pm. I start a ranked game because it won’t last an hour. Right?

Cabrera again. Ffs.

Bottom of the 9th I bring it back to 2-2 I can’t really remember what was going on.

11th the guy hits a 2 run bomb. I’m telling my wife I’ve nearly lost I’ll set the table in a bit. Buxton with 2 outs hits a two run bomb. It’s 4-4! And worse of all it’s 4:50pm!

The 14th and by now i only have 2 pitchers left and one of them is Gossage who has about 30% energy. I sent Romo in. He surrenders a 3 run jack and it’s now 7-4. I’m getting shouted at even more now. Not only can’t I set the table. I won’t be ready for dinner in time at all. But I can’t leave this game now. Anyway I get bases loaded with no one out and managed to get 3 runs in the inning against Chapman. It’s now 7-7 and 5:10pm.

The 15th. Gossage is in. I have no choice. There is no one else. He manages to strike out 2 and pop up someone. He must have been 2 pitches away from being out of energy.

The guy brings in Heine (I think) it’s his last pitcher. I haven’t faced him before. His FBs are 99mph so I’m not that concerned. Anyway. Two pitches later Baines drives up the middle for a walk off!!

It’s 8-7. It’s 5:25pm and I did it. Not that my wife or kids cared. But hey. It’s Father’s Day after all.

Sorry that’s so long. But just had to share. Peace