Started having server time limit errors on my PS5 on Thursday. Called support and they told me to open ports on the ps5. I did that and it didn't work. Ended up buying new router and tried it today again and I still got the server time limit error. Then tried direct LAN connection and still having server time limit error. Tried to see if my PS4 works and same problem. I never had this problem on my ps4/ps5 before. It just started on Thursday. When I do internet test it fails on the psn sign in. I do have internet and I can download games, surf the PS5 store but can't connect to psn to play online games.

Weird part is that it will connect to the PSN randomly and work. But when I am playing online I will get a pop up message saying something about server time limit and I press ok to disregard it and I stay online playing. But sometimes it will disconnect me from online play and won't allow me to connect to the server again. If I use my mobile hotspot it will connect to the PSN right away but it will only give me like 789kps download speed. Does anyone have any idea of what may be going on? I don't think it was the system update on the ps5 because like I said earlier I checked my ps4 and it too has the server time limit error. I haven't used my ps4 since I got my ps5.