I am missing two TA42 TA1 collection cards (Heyward, Barrios). I opened a ticket up for the issue on April 23rd (modified on April 28th). Upon modification I was emailed by a rep saying that the issue was being sent to a DEV for review. I also opened up a bug ticket in early May after Ramone said to do so in a Twitch stream.

If there was another way to obtain this cards (like completing the Twins and Cubs TA's again) or the cards weren't tied to a huge collection reward, this wouldn't be a big deal. But 6+ weeks is a large portion of the game cycle.

As a software tester/help desk manager there has to be a way to run an SQL query that looks for all completed TA programs where a given customer does not have the associated reward for completing the set. You could then run a update query that basically sets the missing TA reward field to "yes" or "true".

As of right now those rewards aren't sellable. So even if you gave the few people who exchanged this cards the cards back it wouldn't negatively impact any user and it would resolve the issue of people who selected a reward more than once and the players who are missing cards without user error.

Please help or at least respond with some response that leads me to believe that this issue will be resolved in the near future.