Looking for Xbox players to join in this new type of style league. Please read the rules in the link below:


I can answer any questions about the league as well.

Summary of the league:
It’s a multiplayer versus league using exhibition game mode. So let’s say Tom, James, and Harry are the Jays... They schedule which games they are each gonna play and which starter (needs to follow proper rotation for that) and then all the games count as the Jays games.

So it might be like:

GM 1 Tom - Starter 1
GM 2 James - Starter 2
GM 3 Harry- Starter 3
GM 4 Harry - Starter 4
GM 5 Tom - Starter 5
GM 6 Tom - Starter 1

10 TEAM games per week

2 Games per Weekday night

Real life players have a min/max games.

Starting pitchers need to follow rotation

Must have Discord for this league.

Stats are recorded and posted on an external site

Message me on here or send me a message on Xbox: Codester109