I played someone and the game froze right away. They purposely let my runner get to third and then stepped off. I checked their game history and they win over and over while loosing in the first inning always with a runner on 3rd. How can I report them where something can be done we are still in the freeze and Iā€™m 11-0šŸ˜‚

SDS's what to do.

  1. Change the title of the post cause a glitch that freezes the game is the fault of the game coding and not the person you are playing.

  2. Take a deep breath and realize that you wanna spell LOSING and not LOOSING cause english is hard

  3. Stop accusing people of cheating cause they have a game history of wins. Unless you watch every single solitary game he has played its just an unfounded accusation that is going to make you look stupid