Another Day of Chaos in RS Play


Sequence of Events:

  1. I take lead on a 2 run HR.
  2. Opponent brings in maxed out CAP submarine LHP.
  3. Opponent gets out of inning and now bats in bottom half of inning.
  4. Opponent hits a chop single with bad PCI and extreme late timing.
  5. Opponent hits bloop single to center and I am unable to have control over my CF. Opponent overruns 2nd and the cutoff I threw it to now isn’t throwing ball to 2nd. He literally is just walking around after I’ve signaled throw 3 seconds prior. (Opponent literally was halfway between 2nd and 3rd and gets back to 2nd easily bc of this)
  6. Opponent hits a late timing bad contact bloop single to Left for 2 RBI.

Just sharing for those who have joy from seeing others suffer through online play. Lol. I’d say I quit forever but we all know I’ll be back to break another controller sooner than later. Lol