Better ways of earning Team Affinity with your DD card collection


I'm pretty much ignoring Team Affinity at the moment because I don't find any of the ways to earn it appealing.

I want to play using my DD collection. Not as a drafted squad in Showdown, not as a real MLB team in MTO, and I'd rather play baseball than mindlessly buy and exchange cards. The only way to earn TA points as my DD team is the innings grind which is painfully slow unless I load my team up with lesser cards I otherwise don't want to use, and even then I'd need to play over 30 complete games to earn a FOTF card. That's not worth the time.

Here's an idea that I could see being added in 20: Award a TA voucher for winning a game (or games) in Play vs. CPU. The voucher can be used to get TA points for any team that has the team you defeated as a rival. The higher the difficulty, the more TA points the voucher is worth.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Better ideas for earning affinity by playing online are also welcome.


I would definitely love to see this. The problem I’ve always had with the previous DD’s is that you can’t get a good team without grinding online (or using money, obviously), so something like this would be great for people just wanting to get these cards without grinding showdown or playing online. And it’s not like they’re ridiculously overpowered anyway, once the season starts and more cards get added, these cards will be on benches, so why not reward the casual player with a few 87’s? Definitely a good idea here


This is an incredible idea that would be great to see, and thus it will unfortunately never happen.