Pci placement/timing


Does it even matter at this point ? Lol


If you have to ask yours probably does not.


Grinding TA I just played the Mariners on All Star, got into their bullpen and something effed up happened. They trotted out a few pitchers who just were not locating where the monitor showed. I recorded my gameplay and noted where I saw the pitch and then went back and watched it. All off speed stuff was moving at least a foot once it reached the plate.

I thought I was going crazy until I saw that. It's tough to move the PCI to where the ball is going when the ball doesn't go there, it magically warps any direction a foot or so.

So it makes me wonder if the game realizes that it's warping the ball around. So sometimes it credits you with where you think the ball is and sometimes it pulls the rug out and still rewards you and that is when you see wonky pci vs ball visuals. And then whenever it chooses it pulls the rug out and punishes you with a ground out or swing and miss when you visually located the ball correctly.

Even though I get enough hits I guess I don't feel like the pro ball players I see on screen or feel like what I do on the controller matters, I feel like I pressed the button and got lucky or unlucky.

Hitting is like pack opening.