I nevernreceived my pre order items and then when the [censored] server kicked me to link my account now I'm miss 3 major card and 85k in stubs some I purchased the other sold unneeded items and gam play. Now what do I do im on Xbox series x I sent screen shot to these fools and still mo answer. It's been a [censored] mess from The start. I went to look up online if there were other had a issue holy [censored] there must of been 50k.us redddit and other social media complaints. Thos is a joke. Has anyone e on here had a issue. I was in the hospital both my wife n myself with covid the day before the drop my xbox sx needs a pass key so trick no good if they tell me they were opened I been writing then for 2 wwwks now.
Which do I want to keep my server data or local data? I would think SERVER CAUSE IT KEEP ALL DATA. I GUESS IT HAS TO DO WITH THE LINKED ACCOUT. hellllllllp