Unwritten Rule #80 that I don’t understand


Let me start off by saying I never played baseball beyond little league, but I am dumbfounded by some unwritten rules.

Mercedes gets thrown at because he hits a 3-0 bomb off of an infielder. Why is that worse than if he had done it 2-0? Does he get a guaranteed non strikeout if he promises to take a pitch?

He gets paid to hit. And, in his case, he’s a rookie. So, he is trying to hit to get paid. It’s on the other team to produce the competition to keep him from hitting.

And, even then, if it is some unspoken rule, how is throwing at a guy the appropriate retribution? If the guy accidentally hits him in the face does his teammate get to hit the catcher in the head with his bat to bring balance?

I’m a competitive guy and have been around different sports as a player and coach for 30 years, but some of these unwritten rules make zero sense to me.

Am I missing something?

This post is deleted!

How about #79 from few weeks ago. Bryce Harper gets hit in the head on a pitch that was clearly an accident by a young cardinals pitcher. Harper goes on the record and says that he knows it was an accident.

Okay. Cool. We’re all pros. We get it. Let’s just play.

No, the next day the Phillies closer has to throw at Arenado.

Then the guys on MLB tonight (who I usually really like) are talking about how great it is and how joe girardi would have lost all respect as a manager if that didn’t happen.

I’m dumbfounded for two reasons...

  1. Like I said above. What if the guy missed and hits arenado in the head?

  2. It was a game that was tied in extra innings. What if the Phillies lose that game and miss the playoffs by one game.