Just like last year, there are quite a few posts that are just grievances pertaining to PCI placement, and how players aren't being rewarded for their skill because RNG or whatever you want to call it comes into play anyway. My question is this: why do people think that zone hitting even has the potential to be purely skill based? Simulating the swing of a bat is complicated, and even if you line up your little crosshair perfectly and get rewarded with a big, juicy HR, that isn't just you. You're still getting the benefit of RNG that determined the angle of the bat as it made contact.

Think about it. Imagine a left-handed batter lining up the PCI just to the left and just below the ball and blasting one into the right field seats. That probably feels like you did it all, purely based on input, but what did you do, exactly, to influence the angle of the bat head?

The reticle only determines the point of contact; the angle of the swing must be determined for you, because there are many angles a bat can take to get to that point. Here's a bit of a strawman to illustrate: you can make contact in the exact same spot as the previous paragraph's example with a drastic down-chop, which would yield a dramatically different result. Not that anyone swings that way, but it's possible, so not just the path of the bat through the zone, but, more importantly, the angle of the bat head as it makes contact, have to be determined for you. There is no way to control that through the zone interface.

Granted, we're generally not looking at the difference between a chop swing and a scoop swing, but the variation that determines a 30 degree launch vs a 45 degree launch. With regard to bat head angle, I don't see how you can influence that at all except through the directional interface (in which case you defer placement, instead, to RNG)...

If someone can explain otherwise, please do. I've no problem admitting when I'm wrong, and would actually be quite interested to see how I am, but I just don't think that people who insist that zone even can be RNG-free are correct. Until there are VR style controls that track a path as you actually swing, or simulate it based on a controller that provides input based on how you rotate it in your hands can you account for everything that goes into determining a successful swing. Until then, RNG acts in your favor or to your detriment, but there is no escaping it.