Constructive criticism should start with a positive:

I loved this game before patch 1.04, I was actually logging 8+ hours a day into it (I'm a no life but what else am I gonna do), it's not like it was perfect with the meter glitch and all but the hitting was pretty much universally liked, the fielding animations also seemed really clean. It definitely looked like sds knew what they had to do to improve the game

No comes the criticism:

Pitching was an issue, it was a big issue because it's designed to be too hard to control your pitchers. We need help with either location, speeds, or to get calls on the black. What we do not need is to change hitting that is about as perfect as it could be.

My suggestion:

Revert hitting to how it was before patch 1.04, instead, work only on the pitching. There's so many things you can do to help it like making it easier to control pitchers, giving us strikes for pitches on the black, or raising pitch speeds to where they were in 19

All of these suggestions would lower run totals without artificially hurting good contact, no one wants their input to matter less, we just want pitching input to matter more. Coming from someone who loved the game, please take the advice from the community and work on what actually needs help