My player does not get called up to the majors. I have been in the minors for 3 seasons while avg .340, .320 & .298 over 3 different saves and I still haven’t gotten the call. I don’t even get the podcasts anymore. Last one I got w/ Sean Casey and they’re talking about I’ll be called up and what not. I have gone a full AAA season since that. I have experimented with creating other RTTS saves and even trying on beginner to load up on stats and I still haven’t been called up. It has never taken this long. The longest was one and half AAA seasons last year. I don’t understand. My ballplayer is an 80 and [censored] near have completed my silver speedster archetype. What has happened to the callups? Hell, the team has already gone through two years on my renewal. The team I play for needs a CF and my overall is 3 points better than the one that’s in the majors.