Inside Edge Affects Custom Leagues or not??


I seem to remember SD Studios saying that the daily matchup ratings would affect players' attributes on Custom League rosters, but it doesn't look like that's happening...

The player ratings are different in the roster screen just like in DD, but when you go into a League game, the player attributes aren't different.

I really hope they fix this so that it adds some variation to the Custom League games/rosters.


Yes INSIDE EDGE does play a part to players ratings as long as there doing roster updates and have INSIDE EDGE turned on. If you go under the roster area for your league team you will notice red arrows or green these play a part in there ratings, players who haven't played a MLB game yet will be blank, this will work as long as SDS doesn't turn INSIDE EDGE off which they wont do until November.


Thanks for the reply.

It's true that the inside edge ratings do appear in the roster area for Custom Leagues. As I mentioned though, once you're in a custom league game you'll notice the ratings are unchanged. (Think of how Inside Edge doesn't affect Franchise Mode games)

For example:
Vlad Guerrero Jr has 67 Con and 78 Pow vs LHP
His Inside Edge Matchup Rating on a given day gives him +5 to both of these attributes
The green arrow showing this change is present on the roster screens for both DD and custom leagues, BUT...
In a DD game, these ratings show up as 72 and 83
In a Custom League game, they still show up as 67 and 78

I've made peace with the fact that the roster updates that SDS offers every few weeks are the only changes that really affect Custom Leagues in a meaningful way.