League Options

  • Roster: MLB 40 Man Live Roster

  • Relaxed & Competitive play at you're own pace but PLEASE get the ball rolling so we all can move forward quickly in the season

  • 20 or 30 Teams it all depends

  • postseason Teams (8 Teams)

  • Innings (7 oe 9 Innings) it depends on what we feel is best to move fast during the season

  • Games per Series (3 Game Series)

  • Postseason Rounds (Best of 3 or Best of 5) we can decide when we get there

  • World Series Games (Best of 7)

Game Options

  • Batting Difficulty (Hall Of Fame)

  • Pitching Difficulty (Hall Of Fame)

  • Guess Pitch/Quick Counts/Balks (Off)

  • Umpire Accuracy (Personalized)

  • Umpire Close Plays (On)

I haven't launch the League because i was waiting for a roster update but it seems that it will not happen any time soon here is my PSN ID:ImRe2spect27 if you can't find me send me you're PSN ID on here and I will definitely send you a friends request sorry fo the miss understanding

  • Also: NO PLAYING AGAINST THE CPU if some one leaves the league and you play against the CPU those games will be erased PLAYER VS PLAYER PLEASE!!!