A poll regarding linking accounts


One of the features I was excited for pre-launch was account linking so I could continue my progress on either console. With all of the horror stories regarding lost progress, I had no interest in the risk and have held off so far.

I had hoped the issue would be resolved by now, but I'm still seeing some posts every once in a while about lost progression. I thought a poll would be useful to get a general sense of how it has worked out so far.

  1. I haven't tried linking and I'm not interested in using that feature.

  2. I haven't tried linking, but I would like to get them linked at some point.

  3. I was able to link my account successfully and have used the cross progression feature across Playstation and Xbox.

  4. I linked my accounts, lost all of my progress, but was able to get it back by unlinking.

  5. I linked my accounts, lost all of my progress, and it's still gone.

  6. Other


I took almost a week for me to get all my stuff back. So I haven't tried again since. However I really wish I could use my xbox in the living room for marketplace and stuff like that. But i've been moving my PlayStation from room to room instead. Just a little nervous after it already costing me so much time.

  1. I only play on playstation and there is no need to link
  1. I only have PlayStation

Had progress on ps5 linked with mlbth account then linked Xbox account and lost it all and haven’t been able to get it back yet no response on trouble tickets and it’s almost been a week