Can Yordan make it to diamond?


Yordan Alvarez's wrc+ is in the 190's from the right side and 180's from the left side and is hitting for a higher average on the left side than right with near equal plate appearances. OPS north of 1000 ....Only 3 players slugging more .638 (Trout/JD/KBryant) Dude is straight raking....will SDS show love?

Con R=86......340 avg. in 56 PA - 18 hits
Con L =79......385 avg. in 58 PA -20 hits
Pow R=93......4 HR - 4 2B -1 3B
Pow L= 85......2 HR - 5 2B

Hitting average in 2 strike counts

0-2 = .429
1-2 = .321
2-2 = .294
3-2 = .350

Clutch=77. .360 men in scoring position

Can he get to DIAMOND


Gonna face the same issue as Nelson Cruz and JD Martinez. Out of the 3 sections of attributes, like those guys, he lacks 2 of them. Speed and fielding. Gonna have to hit lights out for a while to get just the hitting atts high enough for a diamond overall.

But as a fan I am glad he is back and raking. Missed him for those couple Months last year.


That dude can flat out rake, as my Jays just experienced... But when he can't field or run, it's near impossible to go diamond as Chuck said