Bench player?


I started a new RttS character in MLB 20, and I foolishly chose to be a C for the White Sox. I burned through AA & AAA in 2020 and got called up in 2021. Woohoo!

The thing that sucks is that I was a bench player the entire year. I only got something like 150 ABs in the whole season. I get that I’m blocked by Grandal, but I figured they would find me a secondary position. They tried me at 1B, but i only got into a few games. After the 21 season, they offered me a 1-year deal as a bench player, so they aren’t planning on making me a starter anytime soon.

I’m about 25 games into the 2022 season and I’ve only appeared in 4 games so far. My current OVR is 85, so I’m tearing up the league when they let me play.

I’ve played a bunch of RttS in the past and I’ve never started my career as a bench player. Is this new to 2020? I told my agent I’m not happy but he couldn’t care less (I know THAT is not new to 2020). I increased the trade frequency slider all the way to the right, so hopefully they’ll either trade me or Grandal.

I know this is my fault for choosing to play as a C behind the 2nd or 3rd best C in the league. But now I feel like the best option is to start a new character and choose RF as my position (Nomar Mazara is the most expendable guy in the team). I’ve been super stoked about RttS this year because the Sox are finally going to be good, and the addition of real minor leaguers makes it even cooler. I have been looking forward to playing alongside the core Sox team, but unfortunately some of them will retire or be traded before I’m a starter. Oh well.

(One funny thing I noticed — when I got brought up in 2021, I kept noticing an unfamiliar name at SS. Turns out Tim Anderson had been sent down to AAA. LOL. AL batting champ in 2019 — AAA in 2021).


I’m right there with you. I got called up straight from AA, started a month in the majors hitting over .300, and then was benched. Orlando Arcia hitting .216 is ahead of me. I finished the year on the bench and still currently reside there.


AI manager has been a problem in RTTS for years and it looks like it will never change. My suggestion to you is either pick a different position or a different team or both.