42 Alvarez



Don't know if it was because of the perk (exit velo and contact boost after third hit) but he just won my Showdown for me.

Went in down 12-8.

Made it 12-9 with a lead off homerun.

Proceeded to ground out/fly out the next couple of batters.

Ended up getting 3 straight base hits to load the bases.

3 outs left and TA Alvarez cranked a blast, that probably still hasn't landed, to walk it off with a Grand Slam.


I just got the 42 Alvarez the other day. Dude is insane. I was raking with his LS card. Was me best hitter. I'm excited to start using the 42 series one.


First player I went for. He hits cleanup for me. Monster at the plate, outweighs his liability in the OF.


I had his topps now card last year and it was a monster.