Team Affinity Uniform glitch


I know there have been people on here that have accidentally selected the same uniform twice. I have been incredibly careful with every one of those team affinity packs to make sure I always select something new. I opened an NL West uniform pack yesterday. The Giants uniform said new so I picked it. I got another pack today and went to select a uniform and it said 2 owned for the Giants uniform. I don't know if it was a visual glitch yesterday that said new when I actually already had 1, or if something got screwed up and one of my other uniforms got switched to the Giants uniform. Since we already know there are visual glitches for parallel cards where it shows you have a parallel you definitely don't have at times, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the issue which screwed me.

Long story short, I am now stuck with 2 Giants uniforms. Can someone point me in the direction of the ticket I can put in which will be ignored by SDS until the servers aren't a daily issue?