8 show packs TWO Juan Soto.....


Can anyone top that pack luck? I wish I could say it happened to me but it didn't.
Someone on my friends list on PS5 had it happen today. I had a message pop up on my screen saying "xxxxxx xxxxxx" has just got a Juan Soto in a show pack."

I texted him and said congrats and a couple of hours later I saw the same message. He got 2 in a stretch of about 8 show packs and he doesn't play DD, only franchise and RTTS so he doesn't get as many packs as we do and of course uses the stubs to buy gear for his RTTS player.

Of course there are better cards to pull but a diamond every 4 packs ain't bad lol


I pulled three diamonds in 11 standard packs last week which I couldn't believe. The third diamond was in number 11. There goes my pack luck for the rest of the year.


I opened a five pack the other day that I got from the XP path and got a diamond in packs 1 (Buehler), 2 (J-Ram), and 4 (Arenado).

So yeah, it can be topped lol