Your personal server experience so far


I’m curious how others are doing when playing Head to Head. So far I have logged on to play every day since early release. Some days with more success than others, but I get disconnect L’s every day.

RS- I have attempted to play zero Ranked games so far because I don’t trust the servers.

BR- I have played somewhere between 6-8 games I believe and EVERY SINGLE ONE has been a disconnect L.

Event- I’m trying to grind the event to get all the rewards and actually get to use my cards in real gameplay. I maybe get a couple of games per day that play all the way through and the rest are disconnects. I have legitimately only won a handful of the games that ended with a disconnect and I have lost a TON.

Through all this I’m using the exact same internet connection that I had all last year with ‘20. I have not once this year actually dropped internet connection at home on any of my devices during gameplay. A lot of the disconnects I get don’t even kick me out of DD, just out of the game.

It’s beyond frustrating. I’m not in the group of people who want money, stubs, packs, etc...I JUST WANT TO PLAY AND COMPETE! Last year was my first year playing DD and one thing I wasn’t happy about was the lack of time I devoted to Ranked and I wanted to rectify that this year and focus more on it. With these servers it’s just not feasible.

Please share your server success/lack of success thus far.


I have about 6 RS wins that havent counted from early access weekend. Ive lost so many showdowns bc of server issues as well as 2 MTO's have been invalidated by the servers