Getting called up issue


First year I make the AA all star game as starting left fielder I get called up to AAA. I actually have better stats in AAA then I did in AA and lead my team to the AAA championship. I'm only a 66 so I don't expect to get the call to MLB yet as the starting LF is a 78 ovr.

So now it's right before my 2nd season All Star game in AAA I'm leading AAA in Batting Avg, Hits, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases, Slugging & OPS and I'm now a 72 ovr. For some reason San Diego has a 66 ovr outfielder on their bench while I remain in AAA.

Now the reason for this (which is the call up issue) is because that outfielder can play multiple positions giving him more value. I am always stuck at only being able to play LF. So unless my overall rating is higher then the starting LF I am unlikely to get the call up.

You need to allow us to have more then just SP as a secondary position. Giving us more value to a MLB team when we are in the minors. All 3 of San Diego's starting outfielder's are struggling at the plate and I could actually be on the bench playing at a high level and eventually take over one of the starting out fielder jobs.

Just another one of the horrible decisions you made to RTTS this year.


I played through my first season building my attributes to a 68 rating. Then I restarted a new RTTS and I was able to start off in my first season at 68 rating, I continued to play building up my attributes (made sure to buy equipment and archetypes that made me a 75) and was called up after the all-star break my first year.


I know I can start over and pick a team with a crappy left fielder and be called up by July first season. but this shouldn't be how it works. In every other MLB the show I would be called up by no later then 2nd season all star break as long as I was playing good. Didn't matter my over all rating. Sure I might not be starting but I could still get many at bats because I would be able to play all 3 outfield positions and sometimes even 1st base. And if I out performed the starters I would eventually win the starter job.

But this year you only seem to get called up if you are higher overall rating and playing good. Plus you cant play any other positions at all because your secondary position is always pitcher. This plus the many other changes they made that no one asked for and all the bugs have made this the worst MLB the show ever and unless many changes they made are reversed definitely the last one I ever buy.

Finally get called up slotted as starting LF. In 8 games i Batted .290 with 2 HR's and 5 SB get my spot start. Didn't have command of my FB and an umpire who didn't like calling strikes on the corners. Pitched decently 6 innings gave up 2 runs and got the win.
I'm then immediately benched for the 76 ovr LF (I was 74) who was batting .230 for the year. Never play again for rest of season (4 weeks didn't even get my spot pitching start)

They play me in the wild card game I go 1 for 3 with a rbi 2b and a BB.
Then I'm dropped from the playoff roster even tho I'm now an 81 ovr as The double unlocked my Gold Loadout.

In off season I'm offered a AAA starter contract (WTF) I'm higher rated then every outfielder they have now other then the CF.
I proceed to bat .341 with 6 Hr's and 15 SB in pre-season. And season starts and I'm actually in AAA 😞
Im an 81 ovr LF and they have a 76 ovr CF starting in LF.


It's pretty realistic, the team doesn't want to start the clock on you. They'll call you up again (and possible send you back down as you have options left, check the 40 man.... bet you're on it) once those options are used up they'll put you on the MLB roster.

*They are doing the same to my player, but my Ovr is still low due to progress issues. But I got the Spring Invite (did really good) and am on the 40 Man, but starting off in AAA.