Choosing pitches in the start of RTTS.


In the start of RTTS right after the draft, after the chat with the AA Manager regarding your choice of position in the field the you want to play in. April 8, the pitching coach will ask you if this is your 3 pitches in which you have a choice to change your pitches.

I restarted my rtts to take advantage of the new roster but when April 8 came, the pitch changing option is gone I was stuck with 4 seam fb, sl, curve.


This absolutely ruins RTTS for me.

I regularly used to chance RTTS characters, have a fire-balling reliever, a junk-balling starter, a power hitting corner infielder, a slap hitting speedy CF...

Now you are stuck with your first choice, no option to start a new character with a different pitch mix.

As I said, this ruins the game for me.