I know that everyone has been up.in arms about server issues, rightfully so, but there are too many issues in other areas. I will only address my issues:

  1. I am 100% complete on Team Affinity and missing reward cards needed for the Robinson collection.

  2. Road to the Show is difficult to grasp and I am a software tester. The additional of a two way player could have caused more emphasis in that area verses overall functionality. There is one player in the league who pitches and plays the field on some of his off days. There hasn't been many since the creation of baseball.

  3. Baserunning has continued to be an issue for me and actual cost me a game in RS the other day.

  4. I am going to bring up post patch game play without ensinuating the alteration of sliders. A patch can change gameplay without a slider being altered. The end result can feel like something was altered even though it could just be a byproduct of code changes.

These issues go along with PXP progress locking at times and other smaller glitches that are more of a nuisance. I think the game looks awesome and I love the content and overall design of the game. But missing cards and a broken/user unfriendly Ballplayer model in conjunction with server/connectivity issues are making it harder for me to enjoy pretty much the sole reason why I own a gaming console.

I do have faith in SDS and I love the game, but there are other things I could be doing with my free time and free money than being frustrated with pretty much every aspect of the game thus far. I hope they fix this soon and provide us with a status on the top issues that are impacting game functionality.