WTF is going on with this???!!!

In RTTS, my ballplayer is continually assigned as a Catcher in the lineup. Good. When my agent calls, he asks if I am OK with being a Catcher. I answer Yes. Still good.

When you exit RTTS and select the Ballplayer screen, it shows him with his 82 rating (Mago archetype) and a small circle that says SS. SS?? Then if you click the card to see more detail, it shows he's a catcher again as primary position, but SP as secondary. WTF? Why does it even mention SS? And where did SP even come from. And once again, RTTS always plays this guy at Catcher, which is good.

If I move over to DD, the dude is no longer an 82, he's a base bronze 65! And in this one, he is a SS and C at secondary. SS??

What is up with this?? Why would SDS make you do all this? You need to call the CIA to figure this mystery out. Sometimes, the ballplayer is an 82 gold, Diamond archetype (Mago), base screen shows a 78 SS, additional detail shows Catcher and SP as secondary, and DD does show SS primary.

Has anyone figured out how to get this thing as a high level Catcher in DD? I am doing this BS RTTS just to get my player bumped higher. This is a S-show.