PEDRO Badge .... RP


Explain to me how the Pedro Archtype is a RP when Pedro Martinez ( guessing who that is what it named after ) was / IS a SP.

Let me expand on this a little -- when using the PEDRO badge it puts my "ballplayer " as a RP and NOT a SP when like i mentioned PEDRO was a SP --

Is this a BUG or intended cause if intended the SDS is just plain STUPID --


I think bronze fireballer is RP...

And Pedro was a RP with the Dodgers before the Expos traded for him


Yank -- Filthy badges is what leads to the PEDRO badge not Fireballer so -- NOPE -- next reason .... and those are RP too -- so why not rename the badge to a RP who did same instead of naming it PEDRO -- OMG SDS are you .. NM -- we all know your stupid