8 team Custom League (Australia / New Zealand)


Hope you’re enjoying the game. I have set up a relaxed Custom League for players from Australia and New Zealand. No draft or anything, just pick a team to join.

The league has the following settings:

Live Series teams
Hall of Fame difficulty for both pitching and hitting
8 teams, 4 team postseason
6 inning games, 3 game series (including postseason and WS)
DH off
Guess Pitch off, Balks on
Perfect calls on

The first two weeks will be exhibition games (to give us a chance to familiarise ourselves with it) and all results will be reset after two weeks.

On Monday 23 March any spots left will be filled with CPU teams, ready for the exhibition games to begin.

Search for Australia NZ if you would like to join.


Still looking for a few ANZ players to fill out this league if anybody’s interested. Six inning games so good for those who are a little more time-poor. Also a couple of weeks of exhibition games for things to settle before results will count.