I'm going to preface this with the note that this is MY opinion. It is nothing more than that. Its not meant to start endless flaming....its a compliation of the complaints I've read on the seemingly endless number of threads on this forum and elsewhere about the current state of this game.

In a nutshell what they need to do is...

  • fix the umpires to call as accurately as last year
  • fix the pitching so anything outside a fastball is not floating like a slow pitch softball
  • fix the throw meter so its not getting stuck in the red and causing so many errors cause it won't let you throw cancel
  • eliminate the no sell properties on duplicate cards of ANY KIND
  • stop favoring the competitive people and making this game increasingly difficult on the casual gamer
  • eliminate the sony parter program completely cause its that program which is allowing people to give horrible input on the game which is causing most of these ongoing issues.

There is plenty more I can list here but the fact remains is they allowed people to mess with the fun and casual nature of the game to try and make an esport out of it when it really does not need to be one if the tournaments can't even be run properly.

Integration with the game to run the tournaments will not simply fix the problem.

So please for the love of all that is holy (and even some things which are not) if you're really listening to the people who play your game....FIX THIS GAME. Not doing so will only cause SDS to lose players and people to lose faith in this game....which I'm sure SDS doesn't need or want otherwise MLB 21 is going to be a cross-platform trainwreck.