I posted that it was broken and that is still the case. Here is the rest of what I have seen.

  1. The strike zone is off. It forces you to pitch more in the zone and then the hitters with their Hall of Fame hand eye can do whatever they want with whatever pitch. High, low, inside, outside..it doesn't matter it has a good chance of being fouled off or hit.

  2. Strikeouts are hard to come by. You can get lots of hitters at 0-2, but like I said above the ump will either squeeze you on strike 3, or you may rarely strike them out. As you progress higher the K rate increases, but still, the poor strike zone causes major issues.

  3. Most of the fielding is okay, but the OFers are dumb as rocks sometimes. Throws to bases are laughably wide and they also drop balls that never happen in real life.

  4. Hitters with 20 or so speed leg out doubles with regularity. That makes no sense. The ball always arrives a half second too late.

  5. If you have the guidance from the catcher, on..nothing is better than hiding your mark perfectly and it gets jacked for a HR. Or, the catcher calls for a ball away, when the shift is the opposite direction. Invariably the hitter goes the other way opposite of the shift for a double.

  6. Finally, if you miss your speed/accuracy bar by one bar basically, there is no reason for your pitch to end up a foot outside. None. I get the fact that your pitcher is young and doesn't have pin point control, but that needs to be better.

As I have decided to give it more time, it is a bit better than I thought, but the above issue sure add an element of strangeness that takes away from the overall enjoyment.