Stadium Creator wishlist


Stadium creator is an awesome new feature that is pretty diverse and has lots of things to offer.  I am finding new ways to create stadiums that are incredibly fun to play on. I have made a couple of replica classic ballparks that look pretty good, in my opinion. However there are many things that I hope can be added or patched into the game in the near future. Here is an expansive list of things I hope to see included or fixed.

Part one,  The outfield/foul wall.

  1. The ability to make the outfield wall have the yellow HR line you see on many MLB stadiums. This would liven up the stadium walls and make them stand out.
  2. Fix the use of windows and doors and more doors/windows. There simply aren't enough for the wall types and colors included. The blue window option is buggy and doesn't work.
  3. More props like in fence scoreboards. Use Qualcomm Stadiums tall wall as reference. Billboards can be included in this request.
  4. MORE OUTFIELD WALL TEMPLATES. This is a HUGE request. I am not entirely happy with the options for Outfield walls that have been provided. There are not as many options that feel realistic to me. These 375' or 300' foul pole options would be fine if there were more realistic options in the 330'-345' range. All fences look OK, but there needs to be more round fences like Toronto's Rogers Center or Riverfront Stadium.
  5. Homeruns phase through the back of the wall if they bounce back towards the field. This can be combated by adding the chain link fence behind, but don't want to always waste inventory storage.
  6. More Foul territory templates that are more realistic or not as big .
  7. More foul poles. I feel a few are missing anyways, where did 7 go?
  8. Advertisements on the fences. Another way to help make them stand out.

Part 2, Bleachers

  1. The ability to paint or have more color options for different levels of the stadium. This goes for the seats, to the facing of the bleachers. Not being able to leaves stadiums looking bland or repetitive. The "classic" bleachers facade is always green, which is problematic when trying to replicate a blue stadium.
  2. More bleacher types. I find some bleachers don't match up with others, also more options are always a good thing.
  3. Better implementation of stands with batter's eye. Segment down below for better explanation of this.
  4. Color improvements. I want neon yellow seats dang it! Brilliant colors would be nice, everything seems so dark and sad...

Part 3, Props.

  1. More props like netting is a small thing, but a welcome one.
  2. Better billboard variety and sizes. This should be relatively straightforward, since all of the smaller ones are clustered onto one large structure. Sign 12 has many small billboards that would work independently.
  3. More scoreboards. Maybe even older looking electronic ones like from the 1970's?
  4. The lettering props, there are no numbers, why? That seems like a pretty significant blunder...

Part 4, the Batter's Eye

The Batter's Eye is probably my most frustrating setback right now. They end up constricting my ability to being able to make the most accurate replica stadiums and limits what I can do creatively with them. Using the "Twin Station" or "Tiger Tiers" batter's eyes are not worth using because of the incredibly large area you can't put a prop or bleachers, which leaves too much unusable space. Allow us to place props on top and around batter's eyes. On top of that, there's another huge gap between the center field fence and the batter's eye.

Part 5, Grass and Diamond

  1. More Grass patterns or even no pattern.
  2. An Astroturf infield and more infield types.
    Simple and easy this time!

Part 6, Night games

This is a tough one, but an important one. Night games are a must have at some point, obviously.

Part 7, Vault

This is THE big one. The vault is the single most important part of Stadium Creator. As it stands, there are well over 14000 PAGES of stadiums with 10 stadiums per page. There ABSOLUTELY needs to be a search function for the vault. There also needs to be a report option for the offensive and racist stadiums that I have seen. There could be a rating system to find popular stadiums as well.

Getting the vault to work better and more efficiently is probably the number 1 thing that should be attended to. It's pointless to share stadiums if they get lost in the over 140K stadiums that have been published.

Phew! Well, here is the list of things I personally would like to see in the stadium creator mode. There will probably be more things that I forgot to mention, however, I am happy to finally have Stadium Creator and expect many more advances into making stadiums even better!

Any more ideas I forgot, feel free to add it to the list.


Allow us to edit foul territory.

Allow adding structures as part of the wall like the building in Petco Park.


Yes! That is an awesome idea! There are many things that could work with that.


@jeffreybuildsbaseball_mlbts said in Stadium Creator wishlist:

Any more ideas I forgot, feel free to add it to the list.

  • Allow for editing of foul territory. Tiger Stadium, for example, had a small foul ground up the baselines.
  • Advertisements, screens, etc. for the outfield wall.
  • More customizable terrain. What if somebody wants to play with Tal's Hill?
  • Have the fans wear your team's colors at home.
  • More landscaping options. i.e., Let us put our logo behind home plate.
  • Movable bullpens. Most MLB teams today have bullpens that are NOT in foul territory.
  • More flags. Flags of other countries, major cities, and all 50 U.S. states.
  • Heck, let us put our team's logo on a flag.
  • More bleachers. Let us customize the color of said bleachers, and let us control how steep they are.
  • A mascot roaming the stands would be great too.