Competitive Online League Now Recruiting Players!


Hi guys,

Search this league to join. We will start when we are full.

League Type: Live 40-Man

League Options:

  • Name: Bat Flu Recovery
  • Atmosphere: Competitive
  • Teams: 20
  • Postseason Teams: 8
  • Innings: 9
  • Games Per Series: 3
  • Games Per Postseason Round: 3
  • World Series Games: 7
  • DH: ON

Game Options:

  • Batting Difficulty: All-Star
  • Pitching Difficulty: All-Star
  • Guess Pitch: Off
  • Quick Counts: Off
  • Balks: Off
  • Umpire Accuracy: Personalized
  • Umpire Close Plays: Off

I would advise against using live 40-man because of lack of player progression and draft. The 20 teams x 40 man rosters means 800 players that you're limited to, whereas DD rosters lets you change your roster anytime giving you way more players to choose from. Just set OVR limit for your league to prevent P2W dominance and you should be good.