Competitive Online League Now Recruiting Players!


Hi guys,

Search this league to join. We will start when we are full.

League Type: Live 40-Man

League Options:

  • Name: Bat Flu Recovery
  • Atmosphere: Competitive
  • Teams: 20
  • Postseason Teams: 8
  • Innings: 9
  • Games Per Series: 3
  • Games Per Postseason Round: 3
  • World Series Games: 7
  • DH: ON

Game Options:

  • Batting Difficulty: All-Star
  • Pitching Difficulty: All-Star
  • Guess Pitch: Off
  • Quick Counts: Off
  • Balks: Off
  • Umpire Accuracy: Personalized
  • Umpire Close Plays: Off

I’m interested and would like the Cubs
My gamer tag is Porter4213
Send me a msg on PS


Put balks on and I'll play.