Signature Series players


I made this post last year (but with immortals) and i feel like the minority when i say i just don’t like the idea.

They eliminated one complaint i had by giving just about everyone a signature series, which was good. i’m not mad if they give everyone a card as long as everyone gets rated the same way (as in don’t take the best stats from each year for one person, the. only take one year for everyone else)

but i just don’t like the idea of having a card that isn’t based off an actual season. It takes away from some of the fun of the game. It also takes away flaws from certain players and it’s like playing with a bunch of pepe alazars.

do other people agree or is this just me?


I also enjoy looking at single season cards like
Chipper Jones MvP season
CarGo BO season
Griffey PS or HW season (although they made different versions for him this year and i loves it)