There are a few times where my uniforms have been reset or random changes I did not make. I understand some players have their own shoes, etc. but this is for jerseys and team colors. I would spend 20 minutes working on something for my uniform, save and exit, then go into game and its not what i changed it to and different than before. For example, I've changed a shade of green on the jersey then in game it's silver instead. Then when i go back into the editor it's back to what it was before i last edited it. This also sometimes happens after i change the uniform (any changes) then go into change main details of the DD team and its back to a default or older saved uniform. Super stange bugs and extremely frustrating after sometimes a half hour of recreating the uniforms. I am positive every time I save the edits. This had also happened in the beta for me and I had reported it in the beta forums, but it didnt pick up any traffic.