Extra Innings Mode


For those of you that are DD veterans can someone give me a quick rundown of the extra Innings mode. I know it's a CPU game against someone elses DD squad. But what are the benefits? Is the xp good?


There...really aren't many benefits.

A long time ago you used to be able to search for teams in Extra Innings, and complete missions in Extra Innings. This was valuable, as there was a user team of someone who created a team of nothing but catchers playing out of position, called the Yetis, and every mission was super easy to complete (fielding errors galore, terrible pitchers to take yard, etc)

So SDS removed the ability to do missions in Extra Innings.

This year they swapped it around. You can do missions again, but can't search for teams. So instead you just get matched up with a random smattering of ranked teams.