I ran into an issue where I first logged into DD to receive my rewards and then I proceeded to create a ballplayer and play some RTTS. After doing that for a bit I decided to play some conquest maps in DD, so I was trying to add my ballplayer to my DD squad, but when I filtered for ballplayer all I see is Joe Random.

I restarted my PS5 and then when the game loads I'd get a notification saying "BallPlayer Conflict". It would ask if I wanted to use my created ballplayer that was saved locally or the Joe Random that was on the server. It didn't matter what I selected it wouldn't work. If I chose my ballplayer then I only see the Joe Random in DD manage squads, but if I choose the Joe Random on the server and try to change that back to what my ballplayer was then it doesn't update any of that and it just remains this Joe Random that just has some default loadout. I then decided to delete all of my local saves related to the game, but the issue was still happening. I have since re-installed the game and that didn't work as well.

I've reached out to support, because it seems likely it is some issue with my DD profile and this associated Joe Random on their servers, so hopefully they'll address it, because I want to play with my created ballplayer and progress them.

Anyhow, just curious if anyone else has come across this crazy scenario and if so, if they were able to do anything.