So, reading all the responses and taking advice from other great posters I found something out last night.

If you jump into RTTS after turning the game on progression with load outs won’t work (we all know this and have been complaining). I have tested this three times now and it works (others pointed me to it I didn’t discover this entirely on my own). If you jump into DD first and complete any two or more tasks then jump into RTTS load out progression suddenly works fine for at least a while (for me until I turn the game off but I haven’t tested it for hours upon hours straight).

For me that feels intentional. The devs may have locked RTTS progression unless a player dives into DD. It’s hard to imagine that kind of bug just randomly popping up by accident this of all years..., anyway.

If you can’t get RTTS to progress try what I stated, do a couple rookie missions or some such and then jump right over to RTTS. If it works like it does on my system your load outs will suddenly progress. My gut tells me this was done on purpose to force peps to play DD that wouldn’t normally otherwise.