So first I’ll say I really like that y’all tried something new this year, it’s really refreshing. However, I’ve had issues with my progression. Such as the different load outs and how they successor progress, I have no idea how it works.

For example, if I’m loaded up to play out in the field and hit, and if I pitch the next day, I have to go back after the first game to successfully switch load outs and receive the points for it, and then switch to my pitching loadout. That’s really annoying. I recently left a series after the first game when I played center, switched to my pitching loadout because I was scheduled to pitch the next day. Then I get into the game and I was DH’ing! So I was DH’ing with my pitching loadout! My hitting abilities were absolute trash!

Like I said, I really appreciate you guys trying something new. It was my biggest complaint from last year. But it definitely needs some work.