I think rtts in MLB The Show ‘20 is decent. I feel like theres a few issues that need to be fixed like:

Fielding animations. My rtts player sometimes glitches out by moving in different directions and intentionally lets the ball drop.

Ball physics. I see more chopped balls than ground balls. The realism isn’t there. It should be more ground balls than chopped.

Ball hit at pitcher. I need to start seeing some type of injuries with some pitchers. How is it that I hit a ball straight at them and they’re all fine afterwards.

Music. I still don’t understand why the music is still not at the same volume as other modes or the main menu. I have hearing problems and can’t hear the music in rtts.

Dynamic challenges & relationships. If we have to be forced to use these features can you lessen the amount of times we see it and just let us upgrade our overall?