Player Program: Stage 2 Stat Mission Issue


I know this has been discussed multiple times but I figured I would post my observation for others and/or SDS to see.

The issue: stat missions in stage 2 of the player programs do not count correctly. In my case, (Pudge program) there is a mission for hitting 5 homeruns with catchers. Before I unlocked stage 2 of the player program, I hit 1 hr with a catcher. After unlocking stage 2 of the program, I hit one more homerun with a catcher. Upon visiting the program page, the mission progress shows I had hit 2 hr in total.

This suggests (as other people have said) that the stats are counting before that stage of the program has been unlocked. Unfortunately, if those stats were completed prior to the unlocking of said stage, the mission appears to “think” that it has already been completed, and thus is no longer counting.

Just wanted to get this out there to help the devs identify the programming logic issue. Hopefully this helps and a solution is found.

P.S. Don’t give us non-sellable duplicates


I hit a hr for that and it said 3/5 , now I know where those other 2 came from.