On Friday I received my physical copy of the Jackie Robinson Limited edition. After logging on and off I finally had access to my preorder voucher (which I redeemed via Microsoft stores website). After unlinking my Xbox account from my game over the weekend I lost everything. All my game progress, players I pulled, stubs and preorder packs/content.

I called Microsoft who assured me I would have access to all my voucher content on 04/20 (the official release date. I submitted 2 tickets via support with SDS. STILL EVERYTHING IS MISSING.

I’m super disappointed. I purchased a series X thinking I can play the show and instead of having a true early access experience I was robbed of time and content and money.

**SDS please respond with a solution and instructions. I’ve been supporting y’all for over 5 years, enjoying the games. But this has been disappointing.

PSN: Jlafont1

I’d appreciate a reply.