I love the next gen gameplay. The game play is stunning & absolutely gorgeous. I also love the online gameplay, It’s been very smooth & hasn’t had the usual lag as past versions have. I love that contact hitters matter again. Basically game play is an A+ in my opinion & I’m having alot of fun playing the game.

I hate the navigational menu. It is not user friendly at all. I feel like it takes me 5 minutes to find what mode I’m looking for. I had to ask people where the daily challenges were located & it took 4 people before someone figured it out. It’s just not a well organized & easy to work setup.

I also hate the CAP or whatever it’s called now. In the past I’ve always gone & setup my CAP as my catcher & got him fully equipped & started grinding. This year I still haven’t figured out how to change it from a 2nd baseman to a catcher & nobody seems to know either so I’m just not gonna use the CAP this year.

Final thoughts...If they could put The Show 20 navigation & CAP with The Show 21 gameplay you would have the perfect baseball game.