After playing the game yesterday and a night to sleep on it I have a few thoughts.

I’ve always been an Xbox guy and I bought a PS4 in 2016 just to play The Show and have every year since then. I was pumped to have the cross platform this year so I traded my PS4 for the physical Jackie Robinson Deluxe edition for Xbox (currently playing on Xbox One). So this is coming from someone with the PS4 experience going to Xbox now.

First, much like many other Xbox users who got physical copies, the DLC code for preorder packs and stubs is not working. The consensus seems that Microsoft does not acknowledge that the game is currently being played so the codes will not work until 4/20. This is a huge L in my opinion. I bought (traded for) the deluxe edition to have this bonus content on 4/16, not 4/20. Not sure if SDS had no communication to Microsoft about activating these codes before 4/20 but this needs to be fixed ASAP.

For some reason the game just doesn’t feel great compared to playing on PS4 in years past. It’s not glitchy or anything but definitely doesn’t feel completely smooth. I know it is one disc to run on both the One and Series X/S so idk if that formatting doesn’t run the best for the One, but just doesn’t feel 100% great.

Last negative, I just don’t like the menus as many people have mentioned. Just feels clunky and doesn’t look great. But will get used to it.

Ok, time for some positives! I absolutely love the community parallels. I think it’s a great step forward from prestige players, and as a physical card collector, really like that they’re called parallels as they are for true cards.

Really like that the inning programs are tied to XP so literally anything you do in the game builds progress to that program.

Just my humble initial thoughts on the game. Really do like it so far but they need to figure out this Xbox DLC code situation ASAP.