I posted this in the General forum but I don't see it in the forum anymore. I have seen a couple of people talk about this. The option to sim to next appearance or watch game has always been at the beginning of the game during pitcher intros. This year it is only accessible at your first appearance. Why does this matter? Well one, it pulls me out of the game and breaks the immersion when in the middle of the presentation I am jerked into the roster screen. However, the real reason it matters is because playing catcher essentially require you to watch the game from the beginning. If you want to play catcher and actually do what a catcher does you have to watch the entire game so that you can call pitches. The way it is set up now, you will only get that option like 2 or 3 innings into the game at which point you have missed significant time. I know they have their hands full, but please address this issue.