If you won't give us DOMES REAL ROOFS OR THE ASTRODOME?! the least you could do is let us edit a current stadium?!


This is cool. But since you for some reason won't let us make domes or actual roofs for the stadiums. Would have been awfully decent of you if you would have given the option to EDIT A CURRENT STADIUM as well so I could at least attempt to recreate the astrodome .the 8th wonder of the world..Wich somehow gets left off the classic stadiums year after year while the stupid twins old dome is there.


Completely agree. It's the reason I went old gen. No reason for next-gen. If there's no option for Domes, it's worthless to me. I agree that a ballpark like Tropicana Field would be a great template for editing. I've been in that place and can tell you the design could be easily manipulated to recreate at least the Astrodome and Kingdome. It'd be nice to have a Dome option for mock games in Japan as well. with the shorter, larger walls.

Classic Stadiums have been MASSIVELY neglected for YEARS. The Classic Stadiums currently in have basically been there since PS3. Yes that's right -- PS3... in 2010. If they ain't comin' in a decade plus, I doubt they'd care now. They had a golden opportunity for Kingdome with Junior pictured IN THE KINGDOME on the cover of The Show 17. Now with Jackie on the cover and so much promo coverage in Ebbets Field... yet NO EBBETS FIELD?!?! What's the point of recreating Jackie's greatest moments -- in Polo Grounds (a Giants, Yankees & Mets stadium?) ???

Hopefully at the least Stadium Creator in the future will be able to do this. And retractable roofs.

Would love to see...

RFK Stadium (I never understood why this one wasn't in. It was rendered on the PS3 on The Show 07)
Classic Angel Stadium (with the football seats in the 80s)
Old Comiskey Park
Tiger Stadium
Cleveland Municipal Stadium
Kansas City Municipal Stadium
Metropolitan Stadium
Yankee Stadium I (pre-renovation, preferably during the 50s)
Hilltop Park
Classic Fenway Park (preferably during the 1910s-50s)
Hunington Avenue Grounds
Memorial Stadium
Exhibition Stadium
Candlestick Park
Ebbets Field
Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium (SonySanDiegoStudios doesn't have a Classic San Diego stadium in-game? Come on man...)
Mile High Stadium
Classic Wrigley Field (preferably during the 1980s, pre-modern renovations)
Busch Stadium II
Three Rivers Stadium
Riverfront Stadium
Milwaukee County Stadium
Veterans Stadium
Baker Bowl
Olympic Stadium (with open & closed roof options)
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium
Braves Field

In no particular order...


They said “not this year” my guess is that they didn’t have the resources to get it done and are working on improvements for 22. It’s the first year of SDS’s brand new feature I’m surprised it’s as in depth as it is. But they can’t do everything.


You can't edit existing stadiums because they are not built the same way as the stadium creator. This was covered in the stream for creator. The parks they use are one solid object not the various pieces put together like in the creator. That's why you can't